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Pistol Parts Kits

*** Absolutely NO sales of PF Frame Rail Kits to
the below states or cities within the listed states:

– California
– Washington DC
– New York
Pennsylvania City(s): Philadelphia and Pittsburgh

No Quarter Innovations LLC is not and will not
be held responsible for any city, county, state and/or federal laws that you
(the purchaser) do not comply with.  The list of states above may not
include all states with restrictions. 
is the customer’s responsibility to know all applicable laws that apply.
Please complete your research BEFORE making a purchase. By using this
website to purchase and/or use this product, you affirm that you have
verified that you may possess, purchase, and use this product under all
applicable city, county, state and/or federal laws. 


***A 15% cancellation fee will be charged to orders containing this part
with shipping addresses in the above outlined cities or states.***

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