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NQI PF45/10 LF Rear Rail System


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Our PF45/10 or “Large Frame” Rear Rail System, the “NQI PF45/10 Rear Rail System or RRS” is made of 17-4 American sourced stainless steel and precision CNC milled for a higher quality and longer lasting rail system. These are not heat treated to allow the rail to be softer than your slide and to allow the parts to wear overtime while saving your more expensive slide from unnecessary wear and tear. The tolerances are far improved over the standard MIM and stamped parts increasing overall accuracy. Some final honing can be done to achieve a completely flat rail system from front to rear depending on your preferences and on the holes you drilled, but isn’t necessary for most applications. Some final fitment (gunsmithing) may be required depending on your holes and the LPK you use. Make sure you have 100% engagement between your striker lug and trigger bar. We suggest you get an armorer’s back plate to help with all gunsmithing needs or have a professional help. See the videos posted under the manuals section if you’re ready to go the extra step towards perfection.

NQI PF45/10 Rear Rail System

: Upgrade your firearm with precision and durability using the NQI PF45/10 Rear Rail System, engineered for optimal performance and compatibility. Enhance your shooting experience with this high-quality rail system, providing reliability and versatility for your firearm customization needs.