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Precision CLP Gun Oil Applicator Pen – Black


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FirstLine’s Precision CLP Oil Applicator Pen; also known as the “Six”.
The Six is a first of it’s kind, patented, leak free, quick response precision oiling pen for all weapon systems on the market today.

The Six was designed to apply the most precise amount of oil to every friction point and working area of your firearm in a fraction of the time. All without needing an entire cleaning kit on hand.
What does this mean for you?
While conventional ways of lubricating a firearm are time consuming; it only takes a few moments to precisely lubricate using the Six. It also eliminates the chance of under oiling or over oiling your firearm, which may lead to malfunctions in the field or range. It also eliminates the messy clean up of excess oil that may find its way to the external areas of your firearm and skin.

The precision applicator pen is designed to lay down an even coat of our patented FirstLine Synthetic CLP Gun Oil , no matter how many passes you make with it. In addition, the Six has four anti leak barriers located at the front and rear of the pen, making it 100% leak free. Coupled with the sturdy aluminum body, you can put the Six safely in your pocket as part of your everyday carry, in your hunting bag or truck, or anywhere you may need the oil applicator pen that always has your back.


Precision CLP Gun Oil Applicator Pen