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A2 Blast Shield (Short Version)


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These blast shields were designed to push the noise forward for combative situations or even for simple range use. Our design allows for a simple and quick install that will be made available for other manufacturer’s to use in conjunction with their A2 muzzle devices. It is great for covering up that stock flash hider giving your rifle a more aggressive look making this the perfect addition to any lightweight build or to simply make your rifle more awesome.

We designed it to fit most A2 Nato style muzzle devices making it easy to install and allows for locking or positioning the muzzle brake as desired.

PLEASE NOTE: The A2 Flash Hider shown in picture is not included.

(Product includes: 1 Shield, 1 Split Positioning Ring & 1 End Cap)
Features/Technical Info:

* Material: Milspec Steel 4130
* Finish: Black Nitride
* Laser Etched
* Made in the USA
* Patent Pending Design
* Quick attach/detach system
* Works with any MIL-SPEC A2 Flash Hider
* Verified and tested that it fits the following: BCM Gunfighter Compensator MOD O, VG6 Precision GAMMA 556, Epsilon 556 and the Daniel Defense extended flash hider
* Concussive force mitigation
* Reduces instances of tinnitus and headaches
* Redirects debris away from the shooter
* Includes (1) shield, (1) two-part positioning ring, and (1) end cap


Weight: 6.4 oz / 0.40 lbs
Length: 1.8”
Width: 1.55”

A2 Blast Shield (Short Version)

***Works best with CMMG A2 flash hider, not compatible with all A2 flash hiders.***